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3 Hotels That Use Google Map Platform

Hotel Tech is a podcast that takes a peek at the world of hospitality and what technological advances could be applied to increase customer service. Hosted by Noah Hancock, the podcast covers several topics related to technology and hospitality. Guests on the podcast include restaurant owners, tech gurus, travel experts, hospitality management gurus, and even some local government officials. The goal is to bring different perspectives to technology and hospitality, to provide the best information possible.


One episode of Hotel Tech

was devoted to guest speaker Bozan Vukic, owner of the Hotel Bikini in Split, Croatia. He gave a presentation about using social media to promote deals and specials at his hotel. Guests included Jon Miller, chef/owner of Blackbird Tastes and More; Sara Rhodan, manager of the San Francisco Restaurant League; and Zsanett, who operates the Zsanett House Hotel and Spa in Austin, Texas. Following is an article on Hotel Tech’s website about Bozan’s talk. Thanks to Bozan for sharing his thoughts and information.


Another episode of Hotel Tech

was devoted to talking to Dr. Philip Kotler, a Harvard medical professor. In the discussion, the hosts asked him what he could share with the tech community and other doctors that could help the healthcare industry. He answered by sharing his views on organ transplants, and what he feels are some troubling developments regarding stem cell research and cloning. Guest correspondents included Sara Rhodan, manager of the San Francisco Restaurant League; Jon Miller, chef/owner of Blackbird Tastes and More; and Zsanett, who run the Zsanett House Hotel and Spa in Austin, Texas.


In the second segment of the podcast

Hotel Tech addressed a new piece of legislation that will be coming up for tech-savvy hotels. The law will require hotels to allow a non-smoker on the premises if smokers are allowed in the establishment. According to the Podcast, the new measure is part of an ongoing effort by the California state government to increase revenue. According to a statement on the Hotel Tech website, the non-smoking rule will be enforced even when a guest has left the establishment, and only if they request a room.


According to the Hotel Tech blog

the non-smoking policy was adopted after a guest was asked to turn down a room for being smoking. The blog goes on to say that the response from guests was overwhelmingly positive and that many guests expect this to happen in the future. In the past, Google was a partner in a project called PRISM, which aims to create a “Google Card” that allows its users to access real-time information about specific areas in a location. However, the blog points out that the card has yet to be released to the public, and that Google has no plans to release it to end its partnership with the California State Department of Insurance.


In the third episode of Hotel Tech

the hosts discussed how technology solutions can be applied not just to the front desk but also throughout the hotel. Guests expect hotels to use mobile technology solutions to streamline check-in, the lobby, and even security processes. As the hosts of Hotel Tech, it is clear that they are very interested in incorporating technology solutions into their business model as well. Perhaps the most exciting news is that they have already started using Google’s map platform for internal purposes. As more hotels incorporate Google technology solutions, we can only expect to see this trend grow and expand. What’s more, the trend may eventually encompass every type of business and industry.

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