Creativity Impacts Our Ideas and Motivations

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Creative ideas are one of the keys to success in business. In fact, creativity is often called the economy’s engine. No matter what field it’s being applied in, creativity opens the door to new ideas and enables creative people to have an understanding of how things work together. Brainstorming is also used in a variety of settings and is often a great way for people to come together at a common thought.

There are many different factors that can impact a person’s creativity. These include the environment they’re in, the thoughts that they’ve had, and many other external factors. It’s important to note that creativity is affected by many things beyond just the individual. For example, what do they consume with their day? These are all areas of life that can affect creativity and lead to creative ideas.

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Creativity can be affected by the person being creative. When researchers were asked if multitasking affects creativity, the answer was yes. Multitasking is when you’re doing two or more things at the same time. There are some types of multitasking, such as taking turns surfing the Internet, but there are also those that involve combining several skills, which can lead to creativity impairment or even creativity impairment.

Another factor that leads researchers to believe that creativity can be influenced by multitasking is related to cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility refers to the ability to change tasks without feeling tired or bored. People who are extremely flexible have the ability to switch from one skill to another with ease while staying motivated.


The ability to change gears is important in allowing people the ability to multi-task. If you watch television, you’re probably watching it while reading a book, both activities that involve cognitive flexibility. While it’s difficult to keep the creative juices flowing, it is not impossible. One way to remain focused on multiple tasks is to learn to be comfortable switching from one activity to another. Some creative people have even developed their own system for staying focused.

The ability to think and reason properly has been linked closely to creativity. Certain personality traits, including extraverted or highly creative people tend to have greater IQ than other types of individuals. While creativity has been linked to intelligence in previous studies, new research is looking into whether the intelligence factor is actually a part of the creativity. For instance, certain brain imaging studies show that if an individual is highly creative, their neural patterns show a pattern similar to the intelligence tests. This strengthens the notion that increased intelligence may indeed be a factor behind creativity.

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