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Tips For Enhancing Beauty Without Surgery

While blue eyes often do have an exotic sparkle to them, other brown eyes definitely have their own benefits as well. Those with brown eyes, after all, have the most amount of melanin present in their eyes, which means that they have the most protection from the sun and therefore less susceptible to eye infections than those with lighter-colored eyes. Brown eyes can even help you overcome your shyness! Believe it or not, studies show that individuals who have blue eyes tend to be more outgoing than those with green ones. Brown eyes are also associated with greater creativity in individuals, so if you find yourself drawn toward that kind of shade in life, maybe you should consider changing your eye color a little bit…


The reason why blue eyes have this advantage

is because of the pigment that is present in your pupil. Your pupils actually contain a pigment known as melanin – this pigment acts as a shield for your eyes against harmful UV rays that could otherwise damage your eyesight. It is this pigment that gives brown eyes their darker shade, though it is actually not as strong in these folks as it is in those who have blue eyes.


So what causes blue eyes?

It is believed that the pigment in the iris, or the colored part at the center of the eye, is responsible for this phenomenon. When someone has blue eyes, the iris will contain more melanin, giving it a bluish tinge. The iris keeps the light out for it to block out other light that could cause eye damage.


Some folks do have blue eyes regardless

of whether they have brown eyes or not – but these are usually the result of genetic mutations. If you have parents who have blue eyes, you may also have a genetic disposition to it as well. There is one specific DNA alteration that shows a higher rate of occurrences in people with blue eyes than in those who have brown eyes – this insertion is called the AMY2 gene.


If you have blue eyes, you should have your iris examined 

this is where a doctor can tell you if you do have this particular type of coloration on your iris. You need to be aware that this type of eye coloration can be hereditary, though you do have a good chance of avoiding this happening if you have parents who do have it. It is believed that there is a certain gene located on the X chromosome that causes this specific type of eye color. If you have this inserted into your genes, you have a good chance of developing blue eyes as an adult. If there is a defect in this particular chromosome, it can be corrected with surgery.


If you are not born with blue eyes

and they only show up later in life because of genetics, you can prevent this by using some of the methods for dealing with your beauty issues. People with naturally dark eyes now have opportunities to choose a different eye color by getting laser treatments or other forms of enhancement procedures that improve their beauty. If you do not want to go with these methods, there are other natural ways to enhance your beauty without having to use invasive surgery. You can learn more about these beauty enhancements for your eyes below!

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