How to Buy Colored Contact Lenses?

How to Buy Colored Contact Lenses – Find Out Which Ones Are Properly Prescribed by Your Eye Doctor

Prescription colored contact lenses improve your eye colors or just simply correct your hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism. They are often used for cosmetic reasons by people who want to ‘look’ better. These lenses are only for cosmetic use; they cannot be used for vision correction. They are also known as enhancement lenses.

The best color contact lenses

are known as opaque lenses and have a translucent covering that is clear to the eye. The most common variety is opaque green, yellow or red. Colored contacts have a thin membrane or ‘seal’ over the iris and pupil of the eye. A small slit is cut in the iris near the pupil for the iris to slip through the slit. Once this is done the color of the lens is determined.

Opaque-colored contact lenses

are available in many different shades, tones, and hues. Some of these hues include black, blue, brown, charcoal, gray, pink, red, silver, and yellow. All of these have been created so that they will blend with the eye color of the wearer. This also means that some colors work well with certain eye colors, but not others. There is a wide array of colors available, however not every color suits everyone.

Most colored contact lenses use a small plastic disc

that is placed over the pupil of the eye. A laser then projects a small ray onto the disc, which then corrects or alters the focus as the pupil changes from light into the color of the lens. The change is about two to five millimeters at a time. This is done using a computer-controlled apparatus that helps to make the adjustments. Colored lenses are not used to correct near vision, as they have a very small effect on the pupil, and it is difficult for the eye to take in color if the pupil is small.

If you wear any tinted lenses

that are not properly prescribed by your ophthalmologist, they may either not be the right color, or they may cause your vision to be impaired. For instance, you should never wear thick, dark-tinted lenses if you wear glasses. These types of tinted lenses can actually magnify the problems that you have with your eyesight. So when you go to buy a new pair of contact lenses, be sure to ask for the proper prescription. When you go to purchase them from an online retailer, make sure that they are selling prescribed tinted lenses.

You should never buy any colored contact lenses

that are tinted as opaque tint, as they will not properly fit your eyes. Instead, opt for opaque tinted lenses, but you should never purchase a pair of non-transparent tint contact lenses just because they look more expensive. Non-transparent tint contacts can actually cause your vision to become worse, so you really need to make sure that they are the right ones for your eyes. Just remember that when you buy any non-transparent tint contact lenses online, they may not properly fit your eyes.

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