The Pros And Cons Of Using PVC Wall Panels

The Pros And Cons Of Using PVC Wall Panels In Your Home

When it comes to wall construction, there are several different styles of wall paneling that you can choose from and there are several reasons why they are popular with many homeowners today. If you’re interested in PVC Wall Panels, here are some of the top reasons why they are popular. Let’s take a look at the top five benefits that PVC wall panels offer.


Durable – One of the top reasons for using vinyl wall paneling

is because it is extremely durable. It is also referred to as fiberboard or MDF because of its molded fiberboard appearance. FIBERBOARD or MDF walls are usually made from expanded polymer (EPS) foam. They are very lightweight, hollow, and have no seams so they are very durable.


They are virtually maintenance-free

Since they are completely self-cleaning and resistant to moisture, they are almost maintenance-free. Unlike UPVC wall paneling, they do not need to be sealed or painted to maintain their appearance. Also unlike UPVC, you do not need to use any sort of stabilizer to keep your PVC panels dry. You can easily wipe them down with a paper towel or just use a spray cleaner to remove dust and dirt.


Low Maintenance – Another reason for the low popularity

of UPVC wall panels is because they require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Although they are incredibly durable and very low maintenance, they still require painting or staining and occasional cleaning. Unlike vinyl, you still have to seal and paint them if you want them to stay looking great. The only other thing you have to worry about is ensuring that your PVC wall panels have adequate ventilation. Otherwise, they may get moldy and start smelling.


Durability – Unlike their vinyl counterparts

PVC wall cladding tiles are more durable than plastic tiles and much more resilient than timber or composite tiles. They can take a lot more abuse and stand up to high traffic better than any other material. Due to this fact, they are used in places where even timber or composite would buckle under pressure or get damaged. Also due to their durability, you can expect them to last for years if you take good care of them.


There are many more reasons why PVC wall panels

have become so popular in recent years. However, to understand why they have become so popular, you first need to understand the pros and cons of using them. Although they do require a fair amount of maintenance and attention if you pay attention to these things you will soon find that they are much more affordable than the alternative. So if you are not convinced, you should see what the pros and cons of using PVC wall panels have to offer.

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