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advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate contact lenses

All eye health patients must weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate contact lenses before making a buying decision. Your optometrist is also able to provide much more information on any particular questions you might have. Here are the advantages of these types of lenses:

They are made of a special plastic called polycarbonate. It has a higher index of thermal conductivity, which allows for quicker heating or cooling of the lens material. The thicker the material, the faster the rate of change. The polycarbonate lens material is also lighter in weight, which lessens the discomfort of wearing eyeglasses. Although, polycarbonate is still relatively new in eye health eyeglass market, as it has just recently been introduced, the wide number of users is increasing each year.

checks the shape and size

If you wear glasses, the provider checks the shape and size of your lens in the eye exam. If your glasses do not fit into the eye exam frame, then you may be advised to buy a pair of prescription glasses from your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Nowadays, prescription eyeglasses are not only made for vision correction, but also for other aesthetic purposes, such as to improve one’s facial appearance. And if you wear glasses, as you age, you have to get a lens replacement.

Polycarbonate does not allow oil, sweat or dirt to stick to its surface. These types of lenses are made without a waxy layer, which means that the lenses will not accumulate any perspiration or dirt. This makes them highly efficient in cleaning. Also, this type of lens does not easily dry out, so they can be used for several days after their original application.

health professionals argue that eyeglasses are the most convenient form

For people who cannot always Kind to wear eyeglasses, there is always the option to use contact lenses. But just like with regular glasses, contact lenses should always be clean and free of bacteria. If you are using contact lenses, there is an option to purchase disposable lenses. There are also lots of discount stores that offer low-cost or free lenses. However, some people still prefer to use glasses, especially when it comes to their eye health concerns.

Some health professionals argue that eyeglasses are the most convenient form of contact lenses toarers. However, these people do not know how to properly follow-up with their eye exams. For instance, even though they regularly check their eyes on a daily basis, some do not bother to replace their contact lenses. They believe that their eyes are fine and need no follow-up care. In fact, it is important for eye doctors to visit them at least once in six months or more, to monitor their vision. If something is wrong with their eyesight, eyeglasses may no longer be their best choice.

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