what are blue light glasses?

Can Using Blue Light Glasses or Anti-Glare Contacts Relieve My Eyesight?

Blue light glasses were initially invented for use by astronauts during the days of the moon mission. These glasses prevent the extreme heat that is emitted from space, helping them to better endure the cold and vacuum of space. The reason that this is important is that we mustn’t expose ourselves to solar radiation on Earth, which can be much more harmful than other, less powerful sources of radiation. Blue light is also a key component of ultraviolet radiation. This means that we need to protect our eyes from all sources of this powerful light, if we want to fully preserve the health of our cells, tissues, organs, etc. In addition, our bodies are constantly exposed to other harmful radiation such as UV rays from the sun.

So how does this impact us when we are watching tv in bed at night?

Well, while we may think that we are getting the best night’s sleep possible, there are actually tell-tale signs that indicate trouble brewing in our eyes. For instance, if you often have trouble getting to sleep, try staring into a darkened room (without any window) before going to bed. This will help you to determine whether or not you are getting enough quality sleep.

There are many digital eye strain monitors on the market

to help us monitor the amount of sleep we get each night. Some of these devices will even allow us to switch between various modes, such as “night mode” and “calm mode”. However, the thing about blue light glasses is that they block out all of the different colors. To view television, websites, or play computer games (which often require us to use specialized devices such as game consoles) we must use the device in “normal viewing” mode. To view digital devices like HDTV, or DVD players without the aid of blue light glasses, we must use special devices such as blue light masks or corrective filters.

As you can see, using corrective lenses

or blue light glasses can do more harm than good. You must be sure to consult with your physician or ophthalmologist if you notice any significant decrease in your vision after using one or both of these devices for a period of time. While they may improve your nighttime vision, they may also cause some serious complications if worn for too long of a period of time. These are especially true if you suffer from presbyopia or bifocals.

Another group of people that can really benefit

from blue light glasses or corrective lenses are people who suffer from frequent headaches. The truth is, most people who experience headaches frequently have what are known as mixed symptoms. These symptoms include being tired, yet experiencing an increase in headaches upon waking in the morning. Since headaches often originate from various sources, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which thing is causing them.

If you are experiencing frequent headaches

talk with your doctor about the possibility of trying to improve your vision with corrective lenses. However, don’t attempt to make any medical decisions without speaking to and consulting a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist. Only a qualified eye care professional can help you determine the best course of action when it comes to corrective lenses and/or blue light glasses. Don’t put yourself in danger by assuming you can “read” your prescription.

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