what are the oldest forms of playing cards?

A Brief History Of Playing Cards

One of the oldest forms of playing cards is the Chinese playing cards or ‘bingo’. These cards were originated in the third century BC and are still being used in China today. Cards used in this manner date back to around 200 BC and the earliest specimens are thought to be a mix of animal skin and glue. Cards today are manufactured from materials that are durable and long-lasting such as plastic and other synthetic materials. Playing cards are played with a deck of 52 and are divided into two categories, the jokers and the trumps.


Early Playing Cards dealt more like coins than cards.

A card was divided into three suits – the High (J), the Mid (M), and the Low (L). The play of cards began with bettors placing their bets in one of these three suites.


The earliest type of playing card

used in card games was the ‘Versaw’s. This tool consisted of a curved blade that could be used to divide a card in half – much like a scissors blade. The earliest type of playing cards also used what was called an ‘imitation’ stone which served as an indicator of the card’s rank and the worth card.


The printing process for playing cards

has changed dramatically throughout history. In the early years of the American Revolution, many printed legal decks were used throughout the colonies. These legal decks were used for many different purposes such as recording meetings and legal proceedings. However, the printing process has changed dramatically and most decks are now printed using a paper card stock.


The earliest playing cards used in card games

were of wood and there was very little in the way of decoration on the cards. Metal decks became popular with the mass production of poker cards during the late 19th century. Many metal decks feature intricate metal decorations and are quite impressive looking. Metal decks have also been used in casino games and these types of decks are quite popular in most countries. Plastic-made plastic cards have become a popular alternative to metal decks. These plastic cards are often made to look just like authentic playing cards but can be used for everyday playing.


Several online retailers sell a wide range of custom playing cards.

These retailers often have some styles and designs to choose from and are ready to customize any playing card. If you are looking for a specific design or color, many retailers have artists who will create a custom card for you according to your specific specifications. Some individuals like to purchase blank playing cards so that they can design their own custom playing cards. Playing cards are an important part of any card game and can make the game much more interesting for players.

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