what happened if you shower with contacts in?

Can You Shower With Contacts in?

If you are thinking of wearing contact lenses, you need to know that water can make them swell and can even damage them. This is especially true when you are in a shower. As well, shower water contains a wide range of irritants, making your contacts susceptible to an eye infection. As such, it is important to remove your contacts before you take a shower to prevent further damage. Here are some helpful tips to remember when showering with contact lenses:

Before showering with your contact lenses

you must check the lenses. If they are uncomfortable, you should immediately take them off and contact your doctor. If you notice any redness or irritated eye, you should remove your contacts and consult a physician. A simple infection of the eyes can lead to blindness, so you should remove them immediately. But if your lenses are already damaged, it is crucial to take them out before you shower.

If you decide to wear your contact lenses while showering

you should check if your contacts are not damaged. A hot steamy shower will cause your lenses to dry out and shrink. The lenses may also become stuck on the surface of your eye. Unless you are completely sure that they’re not stuck, you should wait to remove them until they have soaked up enough water to allow you to blink them out. Otherwise, they might scratch the surface of your cornea, making it more prone to germs.

A hot steamy shower will dry out your contacts

causing them to stick to your eye. When this happens, you should remove your contact lenses immediately. It is important to avoid scratching the surface of your eye if your contacts get stuck to your eye. Often, they’re not loose, and this makes them more susceptible to germs. When you remove your contacts, it is important to make sure that the lens is thoroughly rinsed afterward.

It’s important to remove your contacts as soon as you feel a sting.

If the discomfort continues, remove them and contact your eye doctor. If you’re wearing contact lenses, you need to take them out after showering. They’re more likely to be stuck if you’re wearing them in a hot shower. You need to wear your contact lens case while in the shower. This will protect your eyes and prevent any potential infections.

If you’re wearing contact lenses

you should not shower with them. The water in your shower contains a large number of germs and other contaminants. If you’re not careful, you may have an infection. To prevent this, remove your contact lenses. A simple wipe with a disinfectant solution is recommended. If you don’t plan on bathing with your contacts, you should remove them immediately after each shower.

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