What is backpack armor?

Backpack Armor

If you are interested in purchasing backpacks, you may have seen advertisements for backpack armor. What is backpack armor? Well, backpack armor is a kind of body armor that is made up of a heavy ballistic plate attached to a backpack to give maximum protection from guns and knives. Backpack armor can usually be purchased separately to be added to a backpack of your choosing or it may be purchased as part of a larger pack. The plates often are made of Kevlar, a type of metal that has many positive characteristics when it comes to being bullet-resistant.


Backpack armor does not offer the same kind of protection

that you would get from a full protective suit. However, it does add a level of protection that many people need when they are outside in their natural environment, and for this reason, is very popular among those who hike and camp frequently. There are many types of backpack armor to choose from and depending on the size and weight of your pack will determine how much protection it adds. You can add plates of varying thickness to various locations on your pack and if you are using a protective pack you will want the entire pack to be made up of the material.


One of the most common forms of backpack armor

is the level IIIA Ballistic nylon, which provides a very high level of protection against tear gas and other chemicals commonly found in use by law enforcement and security forces. It is also popular among those who participate in military or hunting activities. These packs generally are not purchased by the general public, although some small specialty shops do sell them. Those who purchase these protective packs, typically get the protection they need by attaching the plates to their packs with Velcro, or some other type of closure device. There are also specialty packs available that are designed specifically for sport fishing, mountain biking, or other outdoor activities.


Another form of Backpack Armor

is the Hardbody armor which comes in different colorations and is designed to stop a shot by stopping the bullet. The hard-bodied armor is designed to resist a caliber round which is far greater than what could be used for hiking trips or other outdoor activities. For instance, a bullet would have to go through at least one or more layers of steel to stop it.


Soft Armor – This armor comes in a variety of layers

and is more lightweight than hard armor. It also is not as thick or dense as hard armor and can only withstand a caliber bullet, although it is still capable of stopping a bullet after penetration. Some of these soft packs can also be attached to an existing backpack, much like a vest, and are perfect for those who may not want to carry a full backpack. They provide just as much protection as a hard pack but don’t weigh nearly as much. Many of the better manufacturers such as Black Wolf Gear make good quality soft armor.


These packs are excellent for protection

and if used regularly can help save lives. But there are many reasons to use bulletproof armor. First, they decrease the likelihood of serious bodily injury from a firearm. The chance of death or serious bodily injury from a handgun is about one in a thousand, so a bulletproof vest can help in this regard. Second, they can increase your self-defense proficiency, for instance, if you carry a gun because you work in the construction trade or other job that requires a gun for protection, then wearing bulletproof armor can help you defend yourself against an angry, aggressive person who is after your money or personal property. Finally, because it increases your self-defense proficiency it decreases the likelihood of being injured in a road traffic accident, or at the hands of someone who has ill intent.

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